Linux Compatible Ethernet Cards

These are Ethernet cards that have been reported by members of OCLUG as being compatible with the more recent kernels. If you have any specific questions about any of these NIC's you can contact the reporter for more details.

By the same token please add your NIC to the list if you have had success with an item not already shown. No negative reports, please. Send your info to Matt.
Mfr  Name  Chip set/clone Reported by Remarks
Bay Networks  NetGear FA310TX 10/100 PCI DEC Tulip lalehtonen@csupomona.edu  Make sure you reset your cable modem after you change cards as it needs to "take" to the new MAC address
3COM  EtherLink 3c59x/3c900(Boomerang) PCI Proprietary steve at ez dot net
D-Link DE-528ct  ne2k-pci  alevee@socal.rr.com 10 mb card for WAN side of router/firewall
Hawking  PN100TX (10/100 PCI) Tulip clone  deirdre@deirdre.net Use tulip driver
Hawking PN102TX (10/100 PCI) Davidof (sp?)  deirdre@deirdre.net Linux driver included on disk. Does not support kernel 2.2.x
Linksys  EtherFast 10/100  Tulip deirdre@deirdre.net It uses the newer tulip driver, so you may have to upgrade your driver to one of Becker's latest before it'll run with your system.
Linksys  Network Everywhere NC100 Tulip v0.91g NguyenBLoc@linuxstart.com
Magitronic NE2000 PCI  Realtek 8029 Chipset nreese@csulb.edu When using it with linux it work grand as a PCI ne2000 card. I dont see any support for its chipset specifically in the kernel, just the RTL 8039.
Simple Net SN2000 NE2k  clone board steve@ducksfeet.com The linux kernel understands the card if IO and IRQ are specified (either in lilo.conf or modules.conf depending on kernel config). This card has worked with every kernel version I have tried from 1.1.x -> 2.0.36 Assuming the card is set up under the DOS Setup utility for IO=0x340 and IRQ=10
(My setup)...
You can install Linux with this card, but it will not autoprobe the card. You must provide the IRQ and IO address.
If you have /lib/modules//net/ne.o -- or -- build the NE2000 driver as a module, you can add to /etc/conf.modules:
alias eth0 ne
options ne io=0x340,irq=10

 If you rebuild the kernel with NE2000 support built in, it should find the card at boot time. If it doesn't, add this line to /etc/lilo.conf: append="ether=0x340,10"
This is a $15 ISA card -- about as cheap as you get. ;)

SMC  EtherEZ PCI Proprietary  steve at ez dot net Used with cox@home cable modem
Linksys Etherfast 56K +10/100 Combo (PCMCIA) pcnet_cs / 8390 modules linuxguru77 at yahoo dot com Both modem and NIC work OK in Linux, tested with Debian 2.2 and Redhat 6.2
Plus this is one of those that has built in jacks, no annoying dongles!
A little on expensive side because of the combo 56k modem + 10/100 NIC
Netgear FA411 10/100 (PCMCIA) pcnet_cs / 8390 modules linuxguru77 at yahoo dot com This one works well with Linux also, tested with Progeny Debian, and again has built in jack so you can be dongle-free. This one is a bit more affordable, in the $30 range depending where you go.

For more information on specific cards check out the site maintained by Donald Becker. You might want to print out this page and take it to the store with you.

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