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General Info:

Meetings are held once a month, usually on a Saturday, at California State University Fullerton. There is no set pattern as to which Saturday during the month, it depends on when we can get the room. Check the front page of this site, when a date is set it will be posted here. Usually a week or so after each meeting we will know when the next one is planned.

Sometimes we will have a demonstration on current topics of interest, see the News section for information on upcoming demos if there are any.

We are always ready for a demo/workshop on Linux installation. Feel free to bring your hardware for installation or technical assistance anytime.

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From I-57:
Exit on Nutwood Ave. Proceed west towards State College Blvd. CSUF is on your right.

From I-5:
Transfer to 91E, continue until State College Blvd. exit. 
Head north on State College to CSUF, which will be on your right.

Park in the "C" or "D" lots.  McCarthy Hall is East/Northeast of them. 
Lot "C" is accessed from Nutwood, use the last driveway just before State College.
Lot "D" is accessed from State College.

Head East from the lots towards the buildings on campus.  Once you are on the campus,  you will see 2 buildings in close proximity, McCarthy hall is north, it is well marked.  Go into the entrance hallway, past the vending machines.  The hall to the right has the elevator, go to the 6th floor.  Room 606 is to the left, and restrooms are to the right ;-)

There is no parking fee on Saturdays.

 Somebody bring coffee and donuts!

You can go here for a closeup map of the CSUF campus.

McCarthy Hall is towards the bottom, marked "MH", with a bluish tint added over it and a line pointing to it from the legend.
The best parking is in Lot C or Lot D, at the bottom left corner, with reddish tint over them, at the intersection of State College Blvd. & Nutwood Ave.

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Bringing Computer Equipment:

Here are some tips if you want to bring your system for Linux installation, or if you need some technical help with an existing installation, or just to "play." 
(Connection to CSUF's fast line is real nice, especially for downloading updates!).

Bring everything your system will need to work.
We do not have any "spares" available; although there are often systems at the benches these are CSUF property and we are not allowed to use any of it.

Desktop system:
*CPU case
*Keyboard, Mouse, mousepad
*Network card if you have one
*Hub if you have one (its good to label it somehow, ex. with your name on a piece of tape)
*All necessary cables, including ethernet cable if you have a NIC
*Powerstrip (to allow more plugs per outlet)

Laptop system:
*A/C adapter (bummer to run out of battery juice in the middle of a nice download!)
*Network card (PCMCIA or internal), "dongle" adapter if PCMCIA
*Hub if you have one
*Carrying case

Also some kind of luggage caddy / janitor cart, or similar device to hold all your gear will be helpful, along with bungee cords to secure your gear to the transport.
Having a laptop is real nice and reduces the amount of stuff to lug around. 
But then that is why it's called a LUG, get it? ;-)  (OK, OK, bad joke...)

Our meeting room is Room 606 in McCarthy Hall which is on the 6th floor, so you will definitely want to make use of the elevator.

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