Next Meeting:  Saturday, December 8
Location: CSU Fullerton
McCarthy Hall
Room 606
Time: 10am - 2pm

OCLUG is a non-profit, vendor-independent organization of Linux/UNIX users and
enthusiasts based in Fullerton, California. We meet each month to share 
information, troubleshoot and plan activities. 
To become a member join the OCLUG mailing list, and attend meetings when you can. 

Meetings are open to anyone.

Mailing Lists

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Once subscribed to our listserver you may send your message to oclug at oclug dot org

[You may not post to this address unless your email address is
subscribed to the listserver so be sure to subscribe, using the form above.]

The following is a memo about the guidelines for posting messages on our mailing lists. Please follow them.

Welcome to the OCLUG Mailing List. We only have a few requirements
which we will detail below. This will be posted periodically on the mailing list as well.

Orange County LUG Working Group
Request for Comments:
Category: Best Current Practice
Rules for Orange County LUG mail list
Status of this Memo
This document specifies rules and procedures for the Orange County Linux User's Group. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.
Please see RFC 2119, http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2119.txt for definitions of SHOULD, SHOULD NOT, MUST, MUST NOT, and MAY.
You MUST act like an adult.
You SHOULD NOT send messages in html.
You MUST remember that you were still learning at some point.
You SHOULD help others.
Enjoy the LUG!

Send updates, comments to oclug-owner at oclug dot org

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